About us

Our vision

  • Every patient, no matter where they are located, should have access to their family doctor’s team and quality care.

  • Every patient should have 24/7 access to primary health counseling.

  • Doctors and nurses should not have to spend time on activities that can be perfectly handled by a computer (such as documentation, systematization, big data analysis).
  • The work of doctors and nurses must be supported with the best available technology so that they can focus on the activities that are most important – diagnosing, counseling and treating patients.

Our technology

LEIA is artificial intelligence, a set of algorithms built to follow a physician’s diagnostic “thought structure.” LEIA is able to understand health data and learn to draw conclusions based on anonymized and aggregated health data.

The purpose of artificial intelligence is to take over certain tasks that computers are able to perform faster or better than humans: collecting, analyzing, documenting, systematizing, and visualizing data.

Data that is well-organized and well-presented make a person’s job – your doctor’s job – much easier. Preliminary work by artificial intelligence frees up valuable time for doctors and nurses for important activities such as counseling patients, diagnosing and treating diseases.

Changing healthcare environment

We combine human intelligence (patient, doctor, nurse) with artificial intelligence (LEIA) to empower patients and the health care system.

Why is this necessary?

There is a growing shortage of healthcare workers in the world. There is an estimated shortage of around 50,000 GPs in Europe (14% of the required number of GPs) who should be responsible for a total of 80 million patients. In Estonia, too, about 20% of family doctors have patient lists that exceed the norm. Understandably, stress and burnout associated with work and overtime is a growing problem for our healthcare professionals.

At the same time, we, as patients, are becoming increasingly aware and demanding. We want answers to all our questions immediately, and we want to take more responsibility for our own health. But we need to make sure that we do the right things, so that we do not damage our health because of wrong decisions. Therefore, we often expect confirmation from our doctor or nurse about the correct way to handle our health issues.

Using artificial intelligence to support doctors and nurses in their work saves about 30% of valuable time for doctors and nurses. The freed up time is used to delve into issues that need more attention, such as more serious health problems, where the patient needs to be counseled for a longer time, or where the doctor needs to time to consider all the potential treatment options.

For patients – time that is freed up at family doctor’s center means that the doctor is better prepared for your visit. And if your health state requires it, your doctor or nurse will actually have more time for you.

Our partners

We work with various healthcare providers (family medicine centers, clinics, laboratories), research institutions (universities, clinics), employers, insurance companies and many other health-related institutions.