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Using to contact your GP center allows your family doctor to get a better overview of your health situation and plan the best approach to help you.
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Only use one channel at a time (e.g., phone or email) when contacting your family doctor center, to avoid confusion.

In case of a life-threatening condition, call 112 immediately!

A new pathway

Send your health related problem over the web

Contact your GP center over the web and describe your concern.

Info will be forwarded to your GP center

GP center will get a detailed overview of your problem and decides on the best way to help you.

Get guidance

Your GP team will inform you what to do next. Be patient! It might take some time before you get the answer.

Our system can:

  • Forward health related problems
  • Renew prescriptions
  • Open or close Sick Leave/Care Leave
  • Apply for health related documents
  • Register for COVID test (only patients with symptoms, if you do not have symptoms, contact Terviseamet).
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Why use our service?

  • You can use it any time you like
  • Your GP team will get a precise overview of your problem and can prepare better
  • Your GP team will find the best solution to help you - either invite you for an appointment, consult over email or phone, or send for testing. 
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